Katharina Plass | About
I am a German graphic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Let’s get in touch!
Katharina Plass, Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Corporate Design, Design Concepts, Visual Language
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My name is Katharina Plass.

Nice to meet you!

I am a graphic designer and illustrator.

Born and raised in the center of Germany, I found my passion for packing boxes after finishing grammar school and lived in several different cities in Germany, Canada, France, Austria and Japan.

I am fascinated by the varied styles of communication and different ways of understanding visual language between the countries.

Now I chose Rotterdam to be my new exciting object of study and my lovely home.

Since summer 2016 to date

Freelance Designer, based in Cologne (Germany) and Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Since 2023 to date

Student at Fernuniversität Hagen

2018 to 2021

Student at Universiteit Leiden, Linguistics (Language and Cognition)

Fall 2015 to spring 2016

Sessional Faculty ACAD, Instructor, Calgary, Canada

2015 to  2016 

Freelance Designer, based in Calgary, Canada

2010 to 2015 

Leitwerk, Büro für Kommunikation, Art Director, Cologne, Germany

2010 to 2015 

Freelance Designer, based in Cologne, Germany

2007 to 2009 

Factor Design, Designer, Hamburg, Germany

2006 to 2007 

Erwin Bauer KEG, Designer, Vienna, Austria

2004 to 2005 

nowakteufelknyrim, Intern, Düsseldorf, Germany

2000 to 2006

University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany, Graduated Designer

2003 to 2004

ESAD Strasbourg, France, Erasmus exchange


Red Dot Design Award, 2011

IF Design Award, 2010

Berliner Type Award, 2010

CDP, 2010

European Design Award, 2009

Joseph Binder Award, 2008

ADC junior Award, 2006

output Award Nomination, 2006

Selection of clients (some as employed designer)

Auridis, BKJ (Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung e.V.), BPB (The Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany), Communiacs, Evangelisches Studienwerk, Hazel Designagentur, interlübke, IP44, Leitwerk – Büro für Kommunikation, machalke, Rheinstrandhelden, Schenker, Tremonia, WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), Wienmuseum



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