Katharina Plass | BPB timeline poster – the history of the European Union
I am a German graphic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Let’s get in touch!
Katharina Plass, Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Corporate Design, Design Concepts, Visual Language
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About This Project

Timeline poster – the history of the European Union


The Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB) has a mandate from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior to realize a spectrum of publications aiming to explain political concepts and interdependencies.


We developed a successful series of timeline posters for use in secondary education.


Established authors and historians compile the texts, which are subsequently visualized by Leitwerk. A thorough understanding of the subject matter is essential in order to develop these visuals, which support and complete the written words.


The challenging part of this poster was to find striking ideas to visualize complex topics, as well as the outcomes of contracts and meetings throughout the history of the EU.


For this second poster I developed the images, illustrated them and finally did a composing, including works from other illustrators from Leitwerk (Cornelia Pistorius, Andreas Steinbrecher, Anika Takagi).


Leitwerk, Büro für Kommunikation

Conceptual Design, Illustration, Poster Series