Katharina Plass | interlübke
I am a German graphic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Let’s get in touch!
Katharina Plass, Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Corporate Design, Design Concepts, Visual Language
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About This Project



Over the course of two years I nurtured the interlübke brand, a leading manufacturer of premium furniture. I adapted numerous catalogues, developed newspapers and other catalogue formats, visualized furniture specifications, illustrated, worked on the relaunch of the stationary and created print products for fairs and furniture retailers.


As part of the day-to-day care for the brand, photo shoots for detailed elements were regularly organized. We conceptualized and planned the photography, organized and coordinated the shooting. This meant the Art Director played a key role both in the preparation and on set, working hand in hand with the photographer and stylist.


The original concept for the photographs envisioned a pure, subtle style, with the object itself taking center stage. Various surfaces and materials were combined with colorful accents to create exciting compositions using limited resources.


Factor Design


Katharina Plass Juliane Bennin Michel Yi Fong Olaf Stein Bernd Westphal

Conceptual Design, Corporate Design, Illustration, Publication